Why is your Australian Shepherd staring at you? 

Last updated on March 29, 2022

Have you ever wondered why your Australian Shepherd is staring at you? While you probably know how intelligent your dog is, understanding it may take some time. These beautiful pups use various ways to connect with you, and looking is one of those.

Why is your Australian Shepherd staring at you?

The reasons behind your Aussie’s gaze at you are numerous, but they always serve as a way of communication. For a better explanation, I’m going to go back in time. Since dogs were domesticated, these lovely animals have learned that humans look into each other’s eyes while communicating. So, brilliant as they are, dogs started exchanging looks with their owners as a way of non-verbal communique.

Now back to the Australian Shepherd. It is a shame these furry delights cannot talk. Instead, they use body language, howling, barking, growling, and looking to converse with us. Your dog knows that looking at you will make you look back. So, the incredible Aussie is trying to tell you something. This staring can sometimes be annoying or frightening, but you should never ignore it. There are many clues to be followed to decipher your pet’s message.

Your Australian Shepherd is staring at you as a way of communication

However, you will eventually learn what those gazes mean with observation and patience. Until then, read on to find out why is your Australian Shepherd staring at you. So, the possible reasons of your dog’s gaze are:

Your Australian Shepherd is confused

Your Australian Shepherd might be staring at you because of confusion. Whether you’ve said or done something to confuse the dog, a stare is expected. You can recognize the disordered look by the tilted head of the Aussie.

So, if you notice this kind of behavior, make sure you give clear commands to your pup. However, monitor the other signs too. For example, if the Aussie is shaking or licking its lips, it is stressed because it’s unable to understand you. Be a good owner and comfort your buddy with clear communication.

If your dog is older, you can expect this behavior to happen more often. Also, a confused look might mean health issues. So, observe the length of the gazing to determine whether your pup needs a visit to the vet clinic. The longer the Aussie stares at you, the bigger your concern should be.

The Aussie is expressing love

Australian Shepherds are very loving and affectionate. These dogs live to please their owners. And although the Aussie will get along with everybody in your home, there’s always going to be one special person in the dog’s heart. If you’re lucky to be that person, brace yourself for endless love. One of the ways your Aussie will express its love for you is by gazing into your eyes. So, a warm look directly at you will mean precisely that. However, you’ll know when the Aussie is staring at you because it loves you.

Your dog wants something from you.

Aussies use staring to tell you they want something from you. It may be a treat, a walk, or something entirely else. You’ll know that your pet demands something if the animal sits and starts gazing at you. Be careful, though. You will eventually spoil the pup if you honor the Aussie’s demand every time it stares at you. Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent. If the dog sees its behavior leads to its goal, it will repeat it every time it wants something.

Your pet is reading your cues

This one is narrowly connected with the confused stare I already talked about. Aussies are energetic, obedient, and loyal. Whether they’re working or playing, these dogs don’t get tired. But they also want to please their owners in all possible ways. So, if your Australian Shepherd is staring at you, it can be because the dog is trying to read your cues. The dog will know what it needs to do next by observing you and your body language. For example, if the Aussie has finished a choir, it will look at you until you order a new task. Be clear and precise with your commands. Aussies are smart enough to understand you well, so use this to mutual advantage.

Observe your dog to learn about these gazes

The dog craves for attention

Australian Shepherds are needy dogs. This clingy creature will spend the entire day with you. As a typical Velcro dog, the Aussie will follow you wherever you go. The Australian Shepherd gets anxious, bored, and destructive if left alone or unattended. But first, the Aussie will let you know it seeks attention by staring at you. These dogs deserve all the attention in the world. So, make your dog happy by responding to its demands. Then, the Aussie will repay you with its love, obedience, and unmeasured loyalty.

Your Australian Shepherd is begging for food

Australian Shepherds love working, running, being with their owners, and eating. While the first three make the Aussie a wonderful dog, you should carefully monitor your dog’s food intake. Aussies would often eat more than they needed. Thus, these dogs are prone to obesity, which will lead to numerous health problems. So, as a food lover, your Australian Shepherd will stare at you until you give him a treat. This gaze can be both cute and annoying. However, feeding your furry buddy every time it looks at you won’t do any good.

The dog is being aggressive

Australian Shepherds are not an aggressive breed. However, even the calmest Aussies can sometimes get angry and show hostility. So, if your Aussie is staring at you while its tail is tucked between the legs, you can expect aggressive behavior. This look is usually accompanied by growling, making it easy to recognize. Aussies are possessive and territorial. Also, they are aloof to strangers. So, if the dog feels threatened, it will first look at you. If you don’t take any action, the pup may react in an unwanted way. Socialize and train your Aussie as early as possible to avoid such behavior.

Final words

Australian Shepherds are amusing beings. Sometimes, it seems their wittiness has no boundaries. These super-intelligent pups are notorious for constantly trying to outsmart their owners. However, they’re also known as one of the most charming, affectionate, and pleasing breeds ever.

The Aussie makes a wonderful pet. Once this dog bonds with you, you will be eternally connected. And once you gain the dog’s trust, that’s when the real fun begins. However, to understand each other honestly, you must also make efforts to understand your dog.

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