What makes the Australian Shepherd a perfect pet?

Last updated on September 23, 2022

Are you thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd but still haven’t entirely made up your mind? I can’t blame you. There are so many things to be considered before becoming a pet parent. However, I will try to help you. Read on to find out what makes the Australian Shepherd a perfect pet.

What makes the Australian Shepherd a perfect pet?

The Australian Shepherd has so many qualities that I don’t know which ones are the worthiest of mention. These dogs are loving, affectionate, loyal, and entertaining. Whether you need a working partner for your ranch or a loving family pet, the Aussie has it all. I could write so much about this beautiful breed. However, I will stick to the things that I deem most important. So, here’s what makes the Australian Shepherd a perfect pet:

What makes the Australian Shepherd a perfect pet?
  • Aussies are extremely intelligent
  • They have a lovely temperament
  • The energy of the Aussie is unmatched
  • Australian Shepherds are easily trainable
  • These pups want a lot of attention

Keep on reading to understand why these traits will make you go and adopt an Australian Shepherd right away.

Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent

When it comes to intelligence, the Aussie fares better than most breeds. This dog is one of the most intelligent of all. The Aussie sits in the high 42nd position on the unofficial canine intelligence scale. Now, I know this might not sound impressive. But, considering that there are 360 recognized breeds, it is. Only a couple of pups are brighter than the average Aussie.

However, what distinguishes the Aussie from other dogs is their cleverness. This dog is so clever that it will eventually try to outsmart you. Therefore, as a future owner, you must establish yourself as the pack leader. If not, the Australian Shepherd will use its big brain to take advantage of the situation.

Besides being wise, Aussies also possess emotional intelligence. They’re kind, loving, and understanding of humankind. So, if you want a dog that will easily understand you and amazes you with its smartness, get yourself an Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherds have a lovely temperament

Australian Shepherds are amazing creatures with lovely personalities. These dogs are loyal, loving, obedient, exuberant, affectionate and full of life. Owning an Aussie Shepherd will make your life much better. The witty furry delight will constantly entertain you and shower you with love. Aussies love pleasing their owners in every possible way.

The Australian Shepherd also has a protective personality as a reminiscence of its herding days. So, your Aussie will watch over you and your family with vigilance and alertness. Whenever the dog feels an imminent threat, it will warn you with a loud bark.

However, the Aussie has some bad habits too. They are standoffish with unknown people, and they love herding. When no sheep are around, the Aussie will herd everything that moves, including children and other animals. Also, when a stranger approaches you, your dog might react overly protective. Nevertheless, you can efficiently resolve these issues with proper socialization and training.

Australian Shepherds have tons of energy

The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog. The Aussie’s job is to run after livestock from dusk till dawn. So, during the years, the Aussie amassed some severe energy. However, when this pup transitioned from a working dog to a family pet, its energy levels remained intact.

The Aussie is a vigorous dog full of life. These pups are tireless and need tons of exercise. A minimum of two to three hours of daily activities is highly recommended. The Aussie Shepherd will get anxious and destructive if not worn out properly. So, you can expect the dog to bark, chew furniture, and roam around the house.

Luckily, this trait is an advantage for you, the owner. If you’re an active person, the Australian Shepherd will join you in all your goings-on. So, you can take your dog hiking, running, walking, and even swimming. Aussies also love playing catch, hide and seek, and other dog games. Besides physically, these intelligent creatures need to be challenged mentally as well.

If you, however, are not an active person, buying an Australian Shepherd might change that. The tireless Aussie won’t let you sit idly. So, if you want to change your lifestyle, the Aussie is the right choice.

Australian Shepherds are easy to train

Australian Shepherds are amazingly easy to be trained when it comes to trainability. These dogs are brilliant and tireless. They are eager to learn, and they do it fast. The Australian Shepherd will need about 15 repetitions before learning a new command. So, if you want a dog you’ll train with ease, the Aussie is your perfect pet.

The best way to train Australian Shepherds is by using positive reinforcement. These dogs don’t react well to shouting or violence. Indeed, be smart and fill your pockets with treats. When the dog obeys you, reward it with food and praise. Aussies love eating, so your dog will do anything to get another reward. When the dog is misbehaving, give no tips and warn it with a calm voice.

Australian Shepherds are incredibly intelligent. Incorporate training into daily activities. Keep the sessions short and fun, as the Aussie gets easily bored. With proper training, your dog will become obedient; it won’t bark as much, it won’t herd, and will be less aloof to strangers. Also, Aussies are capable of learning tons of tricks, so your dog can entertain your guests while you prepare dinner.

Australian Shepherds want all of your attention

Aussies love people. However, they bond with one person only. This chosen human will be the subject of their adoration and devotion. Once you connect with your Aussie, that bond becomes unbreakable. If you’re lucky enough to be that person, you will realize what real love is. However, the dog will demand your full attention.

The Australian Shepherd is a Velcro dog. In other words, this pup demands to be constantly by its owner’s side. As a result, the Aussie will follow you everywhere. Whether you’re in the yard, the kitchen, or somewhere else. So, if you don’t mind having a second shadow, then the Aussie is the perfect pet for you.

There is nothing the Australian Shepherd won’t do to please its owner. Your dog will obey every command, do any given job, and be by your side at all times. This behavior comes with a price, though. You will need to show some love and devotion too. The Aussie will demand it.

Final words

As you see, the qualities of the Australian Shepherd are countless. However, the Aussie is not for everyone. These dogs are high-maintenance and demand lots of time. If you want a dog that will spend its days laying on the couch, you better choose another breed. But if you are an active person and need a faithful companion for your adventures, search no more. The Australian Shepherd is your perfect pet.

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