How often should I feed an Australian Shepherd puppy?

Last updated on September 23, 2022

Baby Aussies are adorable. Watching these clumsy delights trying to learn how to walk or bark is a heartwarming sight. However, being a baby dog parent also means a lot of responsibilities. Especially after the puppies reach eight weeks of age. Breastfeeding is over, and the owner takes over the feeding.

Many concerned owners would ask about how often to feed an Australian Shepherd puppy. If you’re one of those, read on. This article explores all the issues concerning the feeding habits of the baby Aussie.

How often should I feed an Australian Shepherd puppy?

The feeding frequency of an Australian Shepherd puppy depends on the age of the dog. If the puppy is four weeks old, the number of daily meals should be four. When the baby dog becomes six weeks of age, the rule of four meals remains. Decrease the number of meals to three a day once the puppy reaches eight weeks. You should feed your pup three times daily until it becomes at least twelve weeks old. Once the dog reaches six months, you can reduce the number of meals to two per day.

Weaning begins when the pup is about four weeks old. When the pup’s teeth grow, it is time to move on to solid food. However, remember that the puppy is still very dependable on its mother.

This would be the best time to introduce a formula to replace the mother’s milk, as the mom itself might refuse to feed its babies. This is a completely natural process, so don’t worry about it. Mixing the formula with solid food is your best choice. Still, let the puppy spend as much time with its genuine family as needed. You don’t want to stress out the young dog.

When the baby dog gets to eight weeks of age, it is time to move on to solid food only. This is the best age to adopt a puppy, as it’s old enough to be separated from its mother but young enough to meet the new family. If you’re adopting a puppy, expect plenty of whining in the first couple of weeks. The pup will miss its mother and will need time to adjust. Be patient, don’t leave the dog alone, and try to comfort it.

How often should you feed an Australian Shepherd puppy?

How much should I feed an Australian shepherd puppy?

The amount of food will subsequently increase with the age and the weight of the puppy. When your baby Aussie is 4 weeks old, feed it about half a cup of dry food daily, combined with formula. Once the puppy reaches 6 weeks of age, increase the amount of kibble to one cup a day, divided into meals.

When the Aussie gets to 8 weeks, it should eat one and a half cups of dry food per day. Or, to make it easier for you, half a cup of food per meal. If you choose to feed your pup with something other than kibble, make sure the food matches the nutrition and fats of the proportionate amount of dry food.

You can increase the amount of food when the Aussie reaches the age of twelve weeks. Now, you can feed it two cups of dry food a day. Remember, the Aussie is best trained by using positive reinforcement. You should award the dog food when it obeys a command. Make sure you include these rewards in the daily amount of food.

Monitoring the food intake of your puppy is strongly advised. The Australian Shepherds are notorious for their love for food. If not supervised, your pup will eat more than it needs. Even though they are a very active breed, they’re still prone to obesity.

Being overweight can cause a chain of health issues. However, these issues are easily avoidable. Feed your dog with the recommended amount of food. Never leave its bowl full, and try not to leave food around the house. Remember, Aussies are clever enough to try to outsmart you.

What should I feed an Australian shepherd puppy?

When it comes to puppy food, your best choice is kibble. It is rich in all the nutrients needed for proper development. If you adopt a puppy, it would be wise to continue with the same food the dog ate in the kennel. By doing this, you will decrease the existing stress caused by the change of home.

Another benefit of feeding your Aussie Shepherd puppy kibble is that you can monitor the water intake. Wet dog food contains liquid. Thus, the puppy will drink less water, while kibble will make it thirsty. Many puppies will choose wet food over kibble. However, be persistent. If the dog refuses to eat for a longer period, consult your vet.

You can find various dry dog food on the market. However, not all of them are good for the Australian Shepherd. Consult your veterinarian to make the right choice. If you choose to make your food, make sure it has all the needed nutrients for a growing puppy.

Besides kibble, there are so many human foods that will benefit your pup’s health. However, some can be very dangerous, and might even kill your dog. Make sure you do research before letting your dog eat something.  

What food can I feed an Australian Shepherd puppy?

What are the best times to feed an Australian Shepherd puppy?

There is no general rule of when to feed your Australian Shepherd puppy. However, make sure there’s an equal amount of time before each meal. If the first meal is early in the morning, make sure the last one is in the afternoon.

Do not feed your Aussie for at least a couple of hours before the dog goes to sleep. The Aussie will need time to digest the food. So, eating before going to bed will only cause sleeping troubles and bathroom visits.

As the dog grows older, the time between meals will increase. You should feed an adult dog twice a day. However, rewarding the dog with snacks during your activities will keep the dog full throughout the day.

Final words

The Australian Shepherd is a lovely dog. These intelligent creatures make exceptional pets. Whether you’re looking for a work partner on your ranch, or a caring playmate for your kids, the Aussie is ready to play each role.

Nutrition and proper diet are very important for the development of these active dogs. Follow the guidelines and take proper care of your Aussie pup. I know that being a pet parent is a time-consuming job. Yet, the love you’ll get back from your pup will be rewarding enough.

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