Are Australian Shepherds good to other dogs?

Are Australian Shepherds good to other dogs?

The Australian Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. The Aussie is currently the 12th most popular dog in America. With its popularity constantly rising, I am sure this dog will climb even higher on the popularity scale. So one might wonder why the Americans are getting crazy over this dog? Well, let me tell you. The Australian Shepherd is amazingly smart, loyal beyond all limits, very affectionate, and highly obedient. This dog is the human’s best friend in every aspect of the term. But what about animals? Are Australian Shepherds good to other dogs? Can they live in a house with more pets? Is your Aussie going to misbehave when you go to the dog park? Keep reading to have all these questions answered.

Are Australian Shepherds good to other dogs?
Are Australian Shepherds good to other dogs?

Explain in Brief Are Australian Shepherds good to other dogs?

The Australian Shepherd is great with other dogs. These loving creatures tend to get along with everyone. So, the Aussies’ friendly behavior towards humans extends to other dogs. Outgoing and curious, your Australian Shepherd will get along great with another dog in your apartment or the park. Especially if that other dog is as energetic and playful as the Aussie, we got ourselves a great match. Being a herding dog, the Australian Shepherd can get along and team up with other dogs, all in favor of securing the herd. Even though it is a medium-sized breed, the Aussie is not easily intimidated by bigger dogs.

However, a dog’s behavior is usually individual. Sometimes, an Australian Shepherd will try and be dominant over other dogs. This can be explained by their herding nature and desire to show the other dog who the boss is. Like other breeds, Aussies might become aggressive towards other dogs if they feel jealous and intimidated. Being clingy pets, possessiveness is another problem you might encounter when your Aussie meets another canine.

Lastly, the herding instinct of the Australian Shepherd is another issue you’ll have to work on. In lack of livestock, the Aussie will try to herd other dogs. So, early socialization and education are essential for this breed. A well-trained Australian Shepherd will know not to nip and push other dogs. Aussies are remarkable creatures. You will have to keep the beautiful mind of your dog occupied so that it won’t turn to its instincts. Also, this dog is easily trainable. So, a couple of visits to the dog park, consistent education, and unlimited love will resolve the herding issue.

Are Australian Shepherds good with cats?

Australian Shepherds are good with cats. These pups are friendly, affectionate, and easy-going. They get along well with everyone, including other pets in the household. However, don’t take this for granted. While some Aussies are good with felines, others might not like them. Every Aussie has a different personality. So, their tolerance for cats is pretty individual. However, most Aussies have no problem sharing the house with a kitten.

Both felines and Aussies are territorial and possessive. So, you might witness some intolerance between the pets. Also, it depends on who becomes a family member first. If you want to simultaneously have a cat and an Aussie, you best prepare the animals.

You will have to educate your pup on behaving around the cat. Aussies are dominant creatures. So, your dog will try and dominate the cat. Also, there’s the herding instinct. In lack of livestock, the Aussie will try and herd the cat. Felines, being as they are, don’t like this behavior. Thus, you will have to train the Aussie not to herd. Please read our complete guide for more information about how to introduce your Aussie to a cat.

Are Australian Shepherds good to other dogs

Are Australian Shepherds good family dogs?

The Australian Shepherd is a fantastic family dog. Actually, with its playful and loyal personality, it’s one of the best dog breeds you can find to accompany an active household. Exceptionally loyal, highly intelligent, loving, and affectionate, the Australian Shepherd is a perfect match for those looking for a frisky pet that will be a true home protector. However, remember that this active, energetic, and full-of-life breed requires the same type of owner.

The Australian Shepherd loves being surrounded by humans, making it a good family dog. Always friendly and adaptable to people, they can be reserved towards strangers, as they need time to extend their friendship. With the members of the home, it is quite a different story. Being a clingy pet, the Aussie will use every opportunity to spend time with its owner. They see themselves as protectors, so don’t be surprised when your pup alerts you of approaching guests or feasible dangers.

Aussies can be great with children. Always watchful, alert, and protective, these social beings will give your child the perfect pet friend. Their almost never-ending energy means they can easily keep up with the children’s games. Australian Shepherds are less likely to be aggressive, which means you can feel comfortable leaving your offspring with your dog. And what’s even more remarkable, Aussies are not only great with your children, but also with kids that come from outside your home. Your friend’s children, for example. They are great partners for playing fetch and kids love them. The Aussie will love every child willing to play with it. Sometimes, a simple pat on the head will suffice for your dog and a strange kid to become friends.

Final words

The Aussie has all the traits you’ll ever need from a dog. So, as you can see, the magnificent Australian Shepherd is kind to everyone. By becoming an Aussie owner, you will get an intelligent, loyal, obedient, and affectionate friend for life. The Australian Shepherd quickly turns into the best pet with proper training and education. So, your search for a new pet can stop here. However, make sure you also love and care for this beautiful creature because it deserves it.

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