15 facts about the Australian Shepherd

11 facts about the Australian Shepherd

Did you know that the Australian Shepherd is very popular? Or that the Native Americans considered this dog sacred because of its amazing eyes? Or that the Aussie is a fantastic sportsman? There are many things to say about this magnificent breed. However, for now, I will stick to the most interesting ones. So, here are 11 facts about the Australian Shepherd.

11 facts about the Australian Shepherd
11 facts about the Australian Shepherd

Explain the 11 facts about the Australian Shepherd

The Aussie is a phenomenal dog. No other dog will love, obey, entertain, and please you as the Australian Shepherd will. So, with all this considered, it is no wonder the popularity of the Aussie is constantly rising. As I said, I can write many things about this lovely dog. However, this article will point out the most exciting things about this breed. So, let’s start the countdown:

1. The Australian Shepherd is extremely popular

The Australian Shepherd is currently the 12th most popular breed in America. However, its popularity rises continuously. The proof? The Aussie is the most searched dog on Google for 2021! This dog has come a long way from being a herder on the farms to becoming one of the most wanted home pets. The causes? Its loving and affectionate nature, unparalleled loyalty, and exceptional intelligence.

2. The Aussie is not Australian

Don’t let the name fool you. The Australian Shepherd is not Australian at all. It was only conceived on this continent by mixing Pyrenean Shepherds and Border Collies. However, the ancient ancestor of the modern Aussie found its way to the Californian shores. Thus, the locals named it Australian due to its place of arrival. Yet, the breed was fully developed in the United States. So, the Australian Shepherd is a purely American breed, despite its name.

3. The Australian Shepherd is incredibly intelligent

The Australian Shepherd is amazingly intelligent. In fact, the Aussie is one of the most intelligent breeds ever. This dog is also highly trainable. The average Australian Shepherd needs only 15-25 repetitions before learning a new command. Impressive, isn’t it? However, if you’re about to become an Aussie owner, I must warn you. This dog is also clever. As such, it will eventually try to outsmart you. So, extra caution is advised if you have no experience with dogs.

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4. The Aussie comes in striking colors

The Australian Shepherd is a beautiful dog. Its body is medium-sized and athletic, while the coat is medium-long and wavy. However, what really makes the Aussie gorgeous are its colors. According to the AKC, this breed has four recognized colors: blue merle, black, red, and red merle. Yet, some Aussies also have white and brown parts. There are 14 color combinations of colors found on the bodies of these lovely dogs. While the blue merle is the highest in demand, pure red Australian Shepherds are the rarest.

5. The Australian Shepherd is very clingy

The Australian Shepherd is a typical Velcro dog. This animal loves its owners so much that it always follows them around. So, if you want an Aussie, get ready to have a second shadow. The Australian Shepherd will follow whether you’re in the yard, the kitchen, or the living room. Also, this pup suffers from separation anxiety. Thus, leaving an Aussie alone for a prolonged period is not a good idea. When untended, Australian Shepherds get bored, anxious, and destructive. So, if you don’t want to come back home and see chewed furniture and destroyed shoes, you better don’t leave the dog alone for more than a couple of hours. 

6. The Aussie is very versatile

The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog. In fact, the Aussie is one of the best herders. However, thanks to its tremendous energy, superior intelligence, and immense love for work, this dog can perform various duties. So, the Aussie can work as an emotional support dog, service dog, drug detection dog, watchdog, and search and rescue dog.

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7. The Australian Shepherd is tireless

The Aussie Shepherd is equipped with some heavy energy packs. And when I say heavy, I mean very heavy. This dog has enough energy to work and herd from dusk till dawn. However, when the Aussie transitioned from ranches to homes, its power followed. Thus, this dog requires plenty of activities, both physical and mental. If you get an Aussie, you’ll have to exercise it for at least two to three hours a day. If not, the Aussie will get bored and start looking for fun by itself. Trust me, this is something you’d like to avoid.

8. The Aussie has had many different names

Before the Aussie became the Aussie, it had plenty of other names. So, people used to call this pup Pastor Dog, California Shepherd, Bob-Tail, Blue Heeler, Spanish Shepherd, and New Mexican Shepherds.

9. The Australian Shepherd is a parent of many exciting hybrid dogs

As I already mentioned, the fabulous Australian Shepherd’s popularity has skyrocketed over the past few decades. So, it was only a matter before creative breeders started mixing the Aussie with other popular dogs. Their experiments resulted in some fascinating hybrid dogs. For instance, there’s the lovely Aussiedoodle, a beautiful mix of an Aussie and a Poodle. Or the Border Aussie, a hybrid created by mixing Border Collies with Australian Shepherds, and the Australian Retriever, whose parents you can probably guess. For more information about these breeds, please read our articles here and here.

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10. The Aussie has a double coat

The magnificent coat of the Australian Shepherd is double-layered. The coat closer to the skin is dense and fluffy. The outer layer is coarse and wavy. While the first one serves as an insulator, the second layer waterproofs the Aussie. Hence, this dog is well prepared for all weather conditions. Freezing winters, scorching summers, rain, or snow makes no difference to the Aussie. Still, this beautiful coat comes with a price. The Aussie sheds moderately throughout the entire year. However, there are two major shedding seasons: autumn and spring. Thus, if you want an Aussie, you best prepare for regular grooming.

11. About The Australian Shepherd loves food

The Australian Shepherd loves working, playing, and spending time with its owner. However, there’s one more thing the Aussie simply adores: food. This dog loves to eat so much that it is highly prone to obesity. Thus, as an owner, you must monitor and control your dog’s food intake. If not, your pup will become fat, leading to several health issues. Hence, this lovely breed must have proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Final words

Did you start loving the Aussie more after reading these interesting facts? If not, should I continue? Cause you know, I love trivia, and I love Australian Shepherds. So, these are just some of the fantastic things I can say about this dog. I’m kidding; I believe this is enough. I want to entertain you, not bother you. However, my quest for educating the world on the lovely Australian Shepherd is not over. So, until the next article, take care.

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