Five reasons you should get an Australian Shepherd

Last updated on September 23, 2022

Have you been wondering why the Aussie is becoming more popular every day? Why has this dog won the hearts of millions of people around the globe? What makes the Aussie so unique that it became one of the most searched dogs on the internet? We’ll; you’re not the only one. In this article, I will give you some reasons you should get an Australian Shepherd

Five reasons you should get an Australian Shepherd

Although I might talk about how lovely the Aussie is for hours, I will try to shorten it. There are numerous causes to choose this dog as your next pet. However, I will focus on the most significant ones. So, here are five primary reasons you should get an Australian Shepherd:

  1. Their majestic appearance
  2. The endless energy levels
  3. Their wonderful personality
  4. The extreme intelligence
  5. Their protective nature

Read on to find how these reasons will make you a huge fan of the Aussie Shepherd.

There are numerous reasons you should get an Australian Shepherd

Majestic appearance

Let’s be honest; everybody wants a dog that will amaze the people while you’re going on a walk. With its gorgeous mane, luxurious coat, and symmetric face, the Aussie will cause awe and admiration while you’re out for a walk.

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs. As such, they are hard not to be noticed. Their bodies are covered with a deluxe double coat. Their fur is medium to long, wavy, and lush. These medium-sized dogs come in red, brown, blue merle, red merle, black, and white colors. Numerous unique color combinations are found on their bodies.

The head of the Aussie is proportionate to its body. The ears are long and floppy, while the intelligent eyes come in green, amber, blue, or brown shades. Aussies are also known to have two different colored eyes. The Native Americans believed the Australian Shepherd to be possessed by ghosts because of the deep blue eyes of the dog.

Endless energy level

Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. They are the primary workforce on many ranches and farms around the globe. And while they excel at their job, they also never get tired, all because of their never-ending stamina. These pups are equipped with heavy energy packs. So, if you need a working dog, search no more. The Australian Shepherd can do many different jobs and will be happy to do them.

But if you, however, live in the city, you will have to find ways to spend your dog’s energy. Australian Shepherd requires to be challenged both mentally and physically. As an overly energetic breed, these pups need to be exercised for at least two to three hours a day. This time may sound like a lot, but it is also very healthy for you. Adopting an Aussie might change you into an active person if you’ve been lazy.

I must warn you, though. If your dog does not spend that energy, you might have a hard time. These dogs get bored when inactive. And if the Aussie gets bored, it also gets destructive and annoying. So, not taking your dog for a walk or a run will result in chewing furniture, barking, and howling. Luckily, this dog is smart enough to be entertained inside the home. Buying puzzle toys, playing hide and seek, or teaching your dog new tricks will help.

Wonderful personality

The Australian Shepherd possesses many qualities. Besides being very smart, these dogs are also loving, affectionate, playful, easygoing, obedient, and loyal. Aussies bond with their owners, and once that connection is made, it lasts forever. You will hardly find a dog that will try to please its owner as much as the Aussie Shepherd.

The Aussie is a typical Velcro dog. As such, this pup wants to be by its owner’s side at all times, and this might sound not very pleasant, but it’s adorable. Imagine having a second shadow that will follow you everywhere and do whatever you do. Aussies love working, and your pup will be pleased if given a task. Thanks to their energy level, they never get tired, so feel free to find a job for your dog.

Aussies are easygoing, exuberant, and lively. If you want a dog that will entertain you, the Aussie is the perfect fit for you. Also, you can teach your pup tons of tricks and amuse your guests. The Australian Shepherd can accompany you in every activity if you’re an active person. You can take your dog walking, running, hiking, or even swimming.

If all these traits are not enough, I will add that the Australian Shepherd is protective and will loyally watch over you and your family.

Extreme intelligence

Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent. They rank very high on the dog intelligence scale. Besides being wise, they’re also clever. Therefore, as a future owner, be careful. Your Aussie might try to outsmart you. Yes, they’re that intelligent. Add their eagerness to learn and the endless energy on top of their cleverness, and you get yourself the most brilliant pet.

If we compare the Aussie to human intelligence, they surely possess an above-average IQ. These dogs can learn numerous tricks and commands. Compared to other dogs, only a couple of different breeds fare better than Aussies. For example, let’s take the world’s most intelligent dog, the Border Collie. The ancestor of the Aussie needs about ten repetitions before learning a new command. The Aussie Shepherd, on the other hand, would need about 15. So, as you see, the intelligence of the Australian Shepherd is very high.

What makes Aussies even more remarkable is their emotional intelligence. They’re loving and affectionate. Thanks to this, Aussies can perform various jobs, such as emotional support or work as therapy dogs.

Australian Shepherds sit on the 42nd spot on the official scale of dog intelligence. Now, this may not sound impressive, but if we contemplate that there are about 360 breeds, this is considered a high spot. So, the Aussie is intelligent, easy to train, affectionate and loyal, which makes them an excellent addition to any family.

Protective nature

The Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. Their job is to take care of the flock, keep it safe and chase away potential threats. When these dogs transitioned from work dogs to family pets, they kept their protectiveness. So, the Aussie is genetically predisposed to keeping you and your homestead safe.

These pups are ever vigilant. When the Aussie feels an imminent threat, it will start barking to warn the people in the home. Therefore, these dogs make excellent guard dogs. However, they’re not aggressive, so a warning is most likely the only thing you’ll get. Do not expect your Australian Shepherd to attack an intruder.

Because of their protective personality, Aussies are aloof with strangers. So, these dogs require socialization as early as possible. You can achieve that by taking your Aussie to the dog park and introducing it to other people and animals. But even the most social Aussie Shepherd will remain protective towards its human family, and that’s a beautiful feature.

Final words

As I previously said, the reasons you should get an Australian Shepherd are many. However, for now, I believe this is enough. This wonderful breed deserves all the attention in the world. Their love and loyalty are unmatched, while their playfulness makes them entertaining. The Aussie will surely bring joy and happiness to your life. So, hesitate no more. I believe you’ve found your perfect pet.

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