How do you tire out an Aussie puppy?

Last updated on September 23, 2022

How do you tire out an Aussie puppy? This is a pervasive question among the Australian Shepherds owners. The energy of the Australian Shepherd seems to be endless. When working, this dog can chase the livestock from dusk till dawn. However, Aussies need to spend some of that energy when living the pet life, especially when they’re still babies. So, here’s a complete guide on how to wear out your Aussie puppy and shape it into a well-behaved dog.

How do you tire out an Aussie puppy?

The Australian Shepherd is both very energetic and extremely intelligent. Hence, this dog requires to be stimulated both mentally and physically. While taking them out for a walk or a run will drain some of the dog’s energy, its mind will stay unoccupied. So, the best way to tire out an Australian Shepherd puppy is to challenge its body and mind simultaneously. Here are some ideas that will tire out an Aussie puppy:

Daily exercises

Daily exercises are a must for this dog. The adult Aussie needs about two to three hours of vigorous workouts per day. I know this might sound like a lot, but the Australian Shepherd is a very versatile dog. This means your pup can accompany you in walking, running, hiking, or even swimming. However, baby Aussies will require less exercise because they tire out easily.


Also, Australian Shepherds love working. They are herding dogs, bred to work on ranches and farms. Thus, these dogs are happiest when given a task to do. So, you can use your dog to help out with many things around the house. Whether retrieving something or guarding your home, the brilliant Australian Shepherd will excel at them all.

Obedience and trick training

A great way to engage both the mind and the body of your Aussie is obedience training and trick training. While it might not be too physically challenging, those sit-ups and rollovers will tire out your Australian Shepherd puppy. Also, these dogs are eager to learn, and they do it with ease. So, obedience and trick training will benefit your dog in many ways. The dog will be exhausted and calm, obedient and well-behaved. Lastly, your Aussie will become quite entertaining with its newly learned tricks.


Australian Shepherds love toys. The more they have them, the better. However, rotating the toys is a great idea. If your dog plays with the same toys, it will become boring. So, by turning them, your Aussie will always have a new toy to play with. Puzzle toys work great with these dogs, stimulating their beautiful minds. Also, you can name the toys and have your dog learn them by name.

Canine sports

Aussies excel at canine sports too. Whether it’s an agility course, flyball, disc, frisbee, or herding, your dog can compete in all these sports. Even if you do them just for fun, these activities will wear off your Australian Shepherd and eliminate anxiety and destructiveness. Plus, you might win a medal.

Change the way your dog eats.

Lastly, changing the way your dog eats is another excellent way to tire out an Australian Shepherd. Aussies love food. So, you can buy one of those foraging mats and have your dog work for its food. There are also puzzle toys that release food, or, if you don’t want to spend money, you can always play hide and seek. Hide the food, have your Aussie search for it, and watch it spend some of its great energy.

Why is it important to tire out an Aussie puppy?

Tiring out an Aussie puppy is essential in many aspects. First, it will turn your dog into an obedient and well-behaved creature. Australian Shepherds don’t do well if not properly worn out. So, if you don’t spend your dog’s energy, it will become anxious, bored, and destructive. There will be plenty of barking, chewing, and running around the house. So, do yourself and your neighbors a service, and tire out your dog.

Exercising your dog will also strengthen the bond between the two of you. Australian Shepherds are known to bond with their owners. Once this connection is made, it becomes eternal. Also, you will establish yourself as the pack leader. Thus, your dog will obey you, and it won’t try to outsmart you.

Another great benefit of tiring out an Aussie puppy is their overall health. Australian Shepherds love food. If allowed, this dog will eat more than it needs. Hence, Aussies are prone to obesity. Being overweight is one of the significant health issues for this breed. However, with proper exercise and a healthy diet, your Aussie will be the athlete it’s supposed to be.

Will my Aussie puppy calm down?

The Australian Shepherd is widely renowned for its incredible energy levels. Thanks to its ancestry, this herding dog can work all day long. So, if you’re a ranch owner, having an Australian Shepherd help with the livestock will be a great relief. However, if you’re a regular pet owner, you will have to find a way to tire out your Australian Shepherd.

Aussie puppies are the most energetic ones. These furry little beasts will rump around your house and cause trouble. Thus, baby Aussies will demand lots of your time. You should train, educate, and teach your dog how to behave. However, you can use these activities to tire out the puppy. Luckily, baby dogs also sleep a lot, so it will be a relief.

So, the Australian Shepherd will calm down once it becomes two years old. This is when the dog enters adulthood, and its energy levels dropdown. However, this is not the case with every Aussie. While some enter maturity at the age of two, other Australian Shepherds might need more time. Some Australian Shepherds can have a prolonged childhood. So, calming down is pretty individual. Also, if you’re expecting your Aussie to become a couch potato, you chose the wrong breed. 

Final words

Whether your dog lives inside your apartment or sleeps in the yard, it matters not. Daily exercises are a must for the Australian Shepherd. If not, get ready to buy new carpets and furniture. Also, there will be barking—a lot of barking.

However, look at the bright side. The Australian Shepherd is not a good choice for inactive people. So, if you’re one of those, owning an Aussie might change your lifestyle for the better.

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