Australian Shepherd crossbreeds

Last updated on September 23, 2022

The Australian Shepherd is a phenomenal dog, renowned for its intelligence, high energy levels, and lovely persona. They’re irreplaceable as work dogs and fantastic as family pets. As they become more popular by the day, lots of people want to learn more about this lovely dog. Yet, what many don’t know about are the Australian Shepherd crossbreeds.

Australian Shepherd crossbreeds

Ever since they conquered the world, Aussies have intrigued the creative minds of the dog community. So it was only a matter of time before somebody got the idea to mix the Aussie with other popular dogs. Some of these Australian Shepherd crossbreeds turned out to be fantastic, and these are the most exciting ones:

  • Ausky
  • Border Aussie
  • Golden Shepherd
  • Auberman
  • Aussiedoodle
  • Aussiedor
  • Augi
  • Sheagle

Read on to discover the parentage and traits of these amazing dogs.

The majestic Australian Shepherd


The Ausky is the child of the two most amazing breeds: the Australian Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. This dog has inherited the best of its parents, so the Ausky is amazingly beautiful, very intelligent, playful, and confident. They’re athletic and powerful as the Husky and tireless as the Aussie. Of course, these dogs have to go through obedience training. If not, they will establish themselves as the pack leader. They’re also very vocal, so barking and howling come included in the package.

Border Aussie

When you breed the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd, the two best herding dogs, what do you get? The answer is called a Border Aussie, and it is pretty fascinating. Both parents are famous for their intelligence, high energy, affection, and love for work. After all, the Border Collie is the ancestor of the Australian Shepherd. So, you can look at their child as an upgrade to both breeds. The impressive Border Aussie lives to please its owners and thrives in homes where there’s work to do.

Border Aussie, a mix of the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie

Golden Shepherd / Australian Retriever

The Australian Retriever, or the Golden Shepherd, is the hybrid with the most logical name. As you’ve probably guessed, this dog is the offspring of the Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever. So, what can you expect of this dog with noble parents, if not the best of both? The Australian Retrievers are loyal, intelligent, tireless, friendly, and obedient. They’re great with kids, and they love to roam around the yard. This dog will accompany you in all activities, but its favorite one is swimming due to its retrieving genes.


The Auberman is one of the most exciting hybrids ever. The mating product of the Doberman and the Aussie Shepherd, this dog has athletic stature, muscular body, and intelligent eyes. The Auberman is a sight to behold. In addition, this pup has inherited the protectiveness of both its parents. Therefore, the Auberman is the perfect guard dog to protect you and your family at all costs. However, they come with a price: Aubermans can be aggressive. Hence, this dog requires a strong, experienced leader and tons of training and socialization.


The Aussiepoddle, as the very name suggests, is the offspring of the Aussie Shepherd and the Poodle. And even though it comes from hunting/herding parents, the Aussiepoodle is not bred for any of these jobs. Instead, this is a classic family pet that will get along with everyone in the household. Medium-sized, very intelligent, exuberant, and playful, the affectionate Aussiepoodle is a beautiful companion for every family. Aussiepoodles are easily trainable and obedient dogs that are also loyal and easygoing.

Aussiedoodle, the child of a Poodle and an Aussie Shepherd


The simplest way to describe the Augi is cuteness overload. This magnificent little fellow has the Welsh Corgi and the Australian Shepherd as its parents. So, as a mixture of two herding dogs, it is only normal that the Augi has even more energy than it needs. These dogs love to run around a ranch and are happiest when given a job. However, the Augi is an adaptable breed, making it suitable for life in the city. They’re exceptional family dogs that love children and other animals. The adorable Augie needs plenty of activities. Therefore, this pup is the perfect fit for an active family.


A mixture of a Labrador Retriever and an Australian Shepherd, the Aussiedor is a dog you’ll start loving at first sight. Intelligent, playful, easy-going, entertaining, and affectionate, this medium-sized dog has enough love for the entire family. However, as an overly active dog, the Aussiedor requires plenty of activities. So, if you’re looking for a couch potato, the Aussiedor is not your best choice. But if you, however, want a dog that you’ll do tons of things with, then search no more.

Aussiedor, the result of breeding Australian Shepherds with Labrador Retrievers


This tireless pup is a product of mating between Beagles and Australian Shepherds. The energetic Sheagle is the perfect companion for families with small children due to the ability to play and run constantly. In addition, these dogs inherit the intelligence of the Aussie and the character of the Beagle. Hence, they can be mischievous if not challenged both mentally and physically. Luckily, they are super easy to train, thanks to their superior intelligence and eagerness to learn. The Sheagle also possesses the hunting gene of the Beagle and is known to pursue smaller animals.

Other Australian Shepherd crossbreeds

These aren’t the only Australian Shepherd crossbreeds. There’s also the:

  • Aussiekita – Australian Shepherd and Akita
  • Boxherd – Australian Shepherd and Boxer
  • Shepnees – Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees
  • Bull Aussie – Australian Shepherd and English Bulldog
  • Aussie Pit – Australian Shepherd and Pitbull
  • Dalshep – Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian
  • Aussiel – Australian Shepherd and Cocker Spaniel
  • Aussie German – Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd
  • Australian Eskimo – Australian Shepherd and American Eskimo
  • Chow Shepherd – Australian Shepherd and Chow
  • Baussie – Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier
  • Dachsherd – Australian Shepherd and Dachshund

However, we’ll talk about these crossbreeds in another article.

Final words

All these dogs have inherited the best of both parents. The Aussie certainly brings intelligence, beauty, and high energy. So don’t be surprised if some of these crossbreeds are even more high-maintenance than the lovely Australian Shepherd.

I hope you will find your perfect dog among these lovely pups. If not, you can always opt for the good old Australian Shepherd, or its smaller version, the Miniature Australian Shepherd. These dogs will provide everything you need from a pet and even more.

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